Thursday, September 9, 2010

is it normal ...

my babies pant - like dogs?
my girl is always really hot but with no temperature?
my boy makes squeaking, grunting, wheezing sounds in his sleep?
my boy is about half the size of his sister - they were born exactly the same weight but his head is smaller than hers?

the hep b shot is next week - any advice??


  1. I wouldn't worry. My husband still makes squeaking, grunting, wheezing sounds in his sleep.

  2. Couldn't resist! ;-)
    I am sure experienced mothers out there will ease your fears. In the meantime, BIG HUGS!!!
    (and thank you soooo much for offering your PIO vials - I will check with Dr. L to see if I can use them!)

  3. I'm sure those are all normal (if slightly offbeat) things - don't worry! And about shots - check w/the doc (or nurse) ahead, but usually it is fine to give your babies a dose of Tylenol about an hour ahead. The first time I went in for shots they said AFTERWARD that I should have done that - THANKS A LOT! I was very unhappy because the shot was achy for a while after, poor baby.

    Seemed to help a lot in subsequent shots though. Good luck!

  4. Babies do all sorts of things that seem kind of strange. Ask the doc at their next appointment, but nothing sounds too out of the ordinary. Infants are obligate nose breathers. Meaning they are wired to only breathe through their noses unless for some reason they are forced to mouth breathe. Adults can choose to breathe through their nose or mouth - babies really can't. So when my baby's breathing starts sounding funny, I usually check to see if there is a booger I need to remove. That usually does the trick.

    As for head size, most likely just a normal variation. My baby's head is in the 90th percentile. So maybe your girl's is in the 75th and your boy's is in the 25th, or something like that. Both normal.

    Bunny had the hep B shot and did just fine. No problem. Very standard. So I don't have any advice - should go okay for you.

  5. I can't comment on most things but I will say I regularly overdressed my baby the first 2 months and once I figured that out, he was more comfortable and cried less (man, do I remember the crying ... I feel for you). I would get comments from older women to put more clothes on him but I found checking his hands and feet to be a better indication. He still runs warm and needs less clothes than I do. As for your noisemaker son, I had the same and found when I moved him to his own room at 6 weeks, we all slept better instead of me jumping up at every groan. Some babies are just loud. Hang on with the post partum time ... I struggled myself and wish I would have gotten more medical help looking back. You're managing things better than you may think.

  6. I remember mine would occasionaly pant, especially when on the changing table, no idea why but they never seemed bothered by two were huge grunters in the beginning, all day and all night, it will eventually go away. Can't help you with the size difference mine were always different but they were born about 2lbs and 2inches apart and still are that way, i'm sure they are fine. As for the shots mine have had no reaction to anything yet, we just gave tylonel afterwards, my dr said not to give before because new studies show giving a dose before could lessen the vaccination quality. Hang in their Mama, the worries never go away just change with age!!

  7. Babies make all kind of strange noises. If they don't seem like they're in distress, I wouldn't worry. If you have concerns, give the dr a call. I cannot tell you how many calls I made to them over the years and I always felt better after talking to them. As far as the shots go, we always gave ours infants tylenol before their shots. Have a great weekend.

  8. My babies had their first round of shots 3 weeks ago and the doctor said to give them Tylenol for infants BEFORE the next shot appointment. I wish she would have told me that before their first round of shots. Mine weighed 10lbs then, so we gave them .6ml. Call your Pedi and ask him/her how much to give them.

    Also, my daughter grunts like an old man - all the time pretty much. She always did. Pedi said it's normal - she's either working on a poop, a burp, or working the food through her digestive tract. It's normal.