Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day One

So today is the day that DH goes back to work and I am flying solo. I am terrified!! Since I already have these guys on some sort of schedule we shall be going out in the stroller every possible moment since they always fall asleep.

Dh has had 3 weeks paternity leave but it doesn't seem long enough. I know, its a fair amount of time in the US but at home, in Europe, the guy can get up to 12 months! Yeah, I know!! In Denmark, we would both be home on full pay for 12 months. Man, that would be sweet.

For the rest of the week, our nanny comes in to cover me for my trips to the doctors and the various specialists I have to go to, which really takes the pressure off since I have NO IDEA how to work the stroller with the car seats in a cab :-)

Any advice for flying solo more than welcome folks!!


  1. My advice for going solo - STAY CALM. I freak out when I'm alone with them also and I've found that I have to calm myself because they're just babies! Sometimes one is going to cry because there are 2 of them and only 1 of me. just do your best and try to remain calm. I've found that having the nanny a few hours each day really helps me regain my sanity. I have no advice for taking them in the cab - I'm still not comfortable taking them both out in the car at the same time. I'm better off with one while the other stays home with someone. xxoo

  2. I agree with Kara's Mom, stay calm. Also, be organized before you go out the door. Know where everything is in your diaper bag so you can get it quickly. Take more formual than you think you'll need. And realize that people won't stare and think you are a horrible mom if one (or both) of your kids cry in public.