Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BP 2 & HP 2

BP is now 120/78 so I am guessing the other readings were just off. The nurse has quite old equipment. The large gaping hole in my abdomen is healing well according to the nurse. She thinks we have two to three more weeks of dressing it. I have it dressed twice a day and yesterday I stopped taking the pain killers. I'm not in that much actual pain and I was getting just a little too fond of the calm buzz they gave me!

Thank you for my birthday wishes.
I wrote, published and deleted a whole post about how much my birthday sucked. I deleted it because whilst it is true - my birthday sucked arse coz no-one in my family including DH, made any effort, the post was toxic. It felt wrong.

Here's the deal: Every year I hope that someone, either my DH or someone in my family, will make an effort. Cards on the table for when I get up, breakfast in bed, maybe a gift. But no-one ever does. I am hurt but it's madness to expect things to change. I have my kids now, I can make their birthdays fun and surprising when the time comes. As for the rest of the family - I shall follow their lead.

Here's a question to the formula mums - how do you know how much to feed your kid? If we let one of our kids eat till he is full it all comes back up again. Any advice?


  1. Oh, hon! I'm so sorry your birthday sucked! And I know in a way you had the best present ever - but what you need is for someone to make just a tiny fuss over you. I get it - and I must say I have similar problems. But after about 5 years of marriage I decided I really wanted DH to do something - and so I gave him a list and told him to please do at least 2 things on the list. So, card (can be homemade), flowers, some small gift for ME, NOT a thing for the house...perhaps dinner made (NOT by me) or out. It has been better, but reminders that the day is approaching need to happen, and having a kid makes it easier because I can have him ask for help with mommy's card or something. Of course yours won't be old enough for a couple years, but I'd give him the list (perhaps before Christmas too) - my guy likes a concrete list of things he can choose from. NOT romantic in a way, but so much better than seething inside!

  2. Sorry about your birthday, that just does stink. I agree w/ MMM: sometimes lists do help the "thoughtful-challenged".

    So about formula feeding. That is a tough one. So, I guess it may be that he is overeating OR that his sphincter that closes his stomach from his esophagus is less well-developed. Have you tried keeping him upright when he is feeding and for 30 min after feeding? That way some of the formula has time to digest and empty his stomach. I could also suggest feeding him "less" but since I remember what 2 screaming babies is like, I wouldn't want to have all the crying.

    One of my kids started having a real problem with "urping" up a good deal of his milk. The pediatrician said that if he had frequent urping it could irritate the sphincter muscle and create more problems w/ urping (A never-ending urping cycle!). Keeping him upright (like in his car seat, holding him, or in his swing) didn't seem to help much, so we ended up putting him on baby antacids....that did seem to help.

    I hope I was more helpful than confusing!

  3. Delurking to say "Happy Birthday!!!" I am sorry your family was not clued in enough to do some special things for you - I like feeling special on my birthday too! maybe mentioning a couple things you want would be helpful, but it sucks you have to do that! anyway, Happy Happy Belated Birthday to YOU!!! :-) Kristina O^^ O^^ O^^ (balloons)
    p.s. hope the digestion improves for your baby boy, sorry don't have any advice, I'm trying for my first.