Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3 till we meet

I think we should get the " the best support group in the world" award. I do. I think you guys are really cool and always there when I need you. Thank you. I had a good cry last night and spoke to my support group (over the phone) and feel a whole lot more positive and excited today.

It's a big day in the Eb household. The coffee maker is out of retirement. Oh yes, my friends, she's back. This officially signals the end of my pregnancy. I didn't trust myself to limit my intake to one cup a day. Hell no. I'm onto my second large cup of decaf already although I'm not actually drinking it. I have it close, in my favourite cup, my winter cup that I snuggle up with when the winter snows come. When it's not 95 degree's and humid outside and I can wear grey wool. Sorry, where was i? Oh yeah ...

I took Elizabeth's advice and wrote a schedule. I love timetables and lists and organisation so it was pure pleasure. We will be napping on the go twice a day since I want to get out and about even if it is for 30 mins at a time. I printed a log to track feeding, sleeping, bm etc. It has 364 pages in it since the moron at Kinko's left the original on the copier!! I have bottles cleaned and ready, diaper bags packed and Ad.vil bought. I organised the kitchen back into a working kitchen (we have been doing take out nearly every meal). I got my sneakers and gym gear out of storage. I am one happy camper.

As my nephew would say - three more sleeps. Three more sleeps till I meet my son and daughter. Wow.


  1. Great job on the organization! You sound so happy; I love it! I know after we had the boys, it was amazingly important to write everything down on a schedule. I would forget who had eaten last, how much they were eating, who had gone to the bathroom last. Writing down everything made life soooo much easier! Three more sleeps! Three more sleeps!!

  2. Wow, indeed.

    I spent the morning with two friends, one 32 wks w b/g twins and the other 19 wks w b/b twins.

    CONGRATULATIONS...can't wait for your post birth update!

  3. Three more sleeps...till you meet your children. What an incredible thought, isn't it? I love that you are organized with the lists and schedules. They will definitely come in handy! I can't tell you how often my DH will ask me (or I ask him) "When is Bunny next due to eat?" and the responder has to stop and think and try to remember the last feeding. Even with just one it's tough to keep track.

    Diaper changes, on the other hand, never need reminding! Did I suggest you buy a bar of fels naptha soap? Gets out any stain. You can get it at a hardware store or order from amazon. Wet the material, rub in a little soap, wash in the machine. Voila!

    And yay for coffee too!

  4. I'm glad to hear that you're doing better. I was a wreck the last few weeks of my pregnancy. It's hard to believe that it's only three sleeps away (that's too cute). I'm so excited for you. Oh... The one thing that helped me after my section was keeping pressure on my incision while walking for a few days after delivery. In the hospital the nurse folded a sheet into the size of a very small pillow and I'd pressed/held that against my incision during the walks (better known as the cesarean shuffle) that they had me taking to get everything moving.

  5. Wow - so excited for you! 3 more sleeps! And I love how organized you are. Great that your kitchen is ready for use again (we also ordered take out for the last month of my pregnancy) and also great that you're ready to keep track. I can attest that keeping track has been a life saver. We can predict when they'll each wake for their next feeding and have a bottle already warmed up for them. Can't wait!!! xoxo

  6. Wishing you the easiest and happiest stay in the hospital. Don't feel you must have the babies with you if you need to sleep. Take advantage of the nursing help. And though you'll be tired and in some pain, you'd better post pics of the little munchkins! :)