Tuesday, August 17, 2010

quick check in...

Finally home. Its a long stay in a hospital if you've never been in as a patient before.

Here is the story.

My doctor asked us to be in the unit by 630am to have a hand count done on my platelets. Little did I know that she had had to move heaven and earth to get this approved. Good job she did coz they came back at 85K. I could have my C section under an epi and not general.

So, we prepped. The epi was a breeze. I was nervous but excited about meeting the guys so I think I was in a very cooperative frame of mind. The guy found the spot first time and with no pain at all. Then they lay me down. My edema was really bad and had spread right across my body so my stomach had to taped in all sorts of weird places to get it out of the way since everything else was so swollen. Then they brought in DH. He was great, a real rock star. They had to work hard to get my guys out and boy was it a show. Everyone was hanging over the drape to get a better view. Suddenly there was a wail and another and there they were. DH was encouraged to stand to look at the girl and in the process saw my insides, on the outside, and he nearly passed out but didn't. They were so cute and we got some amazing moments before they had to whisked away.

I was whisked away to recovery. I had lost lots of blood so the rest is a bit of a blur. All I remember was being turned to the side to get the 'liquid' off the table and people looking at one another. DH said that there was buckets of the stuff all over the place. After being given a ton of injections, tests and pills I got into my room by late afternoon and got to hold my kids then and there. The boy was bruised but such a cute little guy and the girl is so brave and strong. They smelled like heaven and have been really good to us so far.

Then everyone went home, including DH, and the kids got wheeled off to the nursery so they could attend to me a bit further. However,by midnight I was out of bed and went for a short walk.

Over the past few days I have had about 4 hours sleep and I didn't even room- in!!! I was checked on every hour and tests done day and night for two full days if not more. Finally I was allowed an uninterrupted night last night and I had insomnia!!

Now I'm home, in my own bed, and ready to sleep. The pain has subsided and my emotions are quite stable (at the moment).

There is so much to tell you. Still deciding whether to post a photo or not - you know why.


  1. Happy to hear that you are all home and that you are feeling well. Thinking of you all. Can't wait to hear more about them.


  2. It's so good to hear from you and to get the jist of the story. Take things one day at a time and take things as they come.

    So, so happy for you!

    As for the photo...I get it, but am still hoping for a peek. Nothing does the spirit right more than pictures of beloved newborns! :)

  3. I was so excited to see a post from you! You had me a bit worried what with all the buckets of blood, but it sounds like everything turned out just fine. "They smelled like heaven..." Yes! Isn't it great?!

    I know that the medical folks don't let you get a moment's rest, but it's all necessary, I suppose. Glad you are all home and everyone is doing well. And that DH of yours came through! Hurray for him too! Great job, Mum, you did it! I knew you could!

    Well, of course I am dying to see photos! Can I make a suggestion? Maybe write a post saying on which day you will post baby pictures (so we have notice). Put up the pics and leave them up for 24 hours. Then delete the post. That way those who want to see them can get a peek, but your kids won't be "out there" for too long.

    I hope your recovery is speedy. Enjoy those precious little newborns! Love and hugs to you.

  4. You're a trouper! What a story! I'm so glad for you and your heavenly smelling twins! I agree with BWUB's suggestion! But do what you feel is right of course! Big hugs!

  5. Oh wow oh wow! Sooooo over the moon for you, my friend! What a dream! Thanks for sharing and sweet dreams - you'll need your rest, you lucky lucky mommy!

  6. Fantastic! You sound in such good spirits. Motherhood is really agreeing with you. Enjoy your dream come true. Congrats!!

  7. Wonderful! Oh, I would love to see your cuties. BWUB's suggestion sounds good to me.

  8. Such a great update since I know you're probably exhausted and busy so thanks for keeping all of us inquiring minds in the know! Wishing you lots of rest! And can't wait to hear more about the babies.

  9. Congratulations! I'm so happy things went well and the little ones are doing great.

  10. so wonderful to hear that everyone is doing well! i hope to see photos soon! xxoo

  11. Yay and congrats!!!! So happy for you!
    (from another NYC mom, but not of twins)

  12. Yay for you! and good for DH not passing out (our boyz are such wimps really) - so glad you are doing ok! Looking forward to hearing every detail, and of course would love to see pix but understand, maybe something from the back? Babys are cute from every angle!

  13. Belated congratulations to you! (I've been on vacation). You are so blessed.