Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All signed up ...

...with the CBB folks. Amazing how quickly I can sink wads of cash when it comes to these babies. Here's how it works - you pay a ton of cash and they overnight the packets to you. When I go to the hospital I hand it over and then afterwards, we hand it to the courier and that is it. Easy.

Today I had wonderful plans. I was going to go to the movies, swimming, maybe a walk. I did nothing. I woke up tired again. Totally, knackered. I did the paperwork and manage a lunch with hubbie. Yet, I am drained. I can barely move. Is it a sign? Am I going to go into labor like ... today?

Can you sense the anxiety??

What signs did you have?


  1. You're right about the CBB...you never know what science will be able to do in the future. As for today, I think it's a sign that you are 9 months pregnant with twins! I can't comment about labor - I never experienced it. Because my baby was breach, they did not want me to go into labor (feet coming down the birth canal would not have been a good thing!). But at the most, you are in the Big Ten Day Countdown!

  2. Sorry you are so tired. By the time I was 35+ weeks, it hurt to even try to bend over. Yet, I insanely tried to continue work, walking to the subway even.....dumb. I started to have (very) minor, yet regular contractions at about 35 weeks. My blood pressure also started to climb (it had been quite low throughout the pg) and I was juuuuuussssttt on the edge of pre-eclampsia, but not quite there. They ended up deciding to do an "emergency" C-section at 36 weeks (scheduled at 37.5 weeks). I say "emergency" b/c I was so far down on the totem pole that they didn't do the C-section until 36hrs later. So, sorry, I'm not so good with the signs of labor. My only "signs" were that my blood pressure and protein levels went up and I got minor contractions. Oh yes, and I swelled up like a balloon! I never progressed into labor any farther.

    I KNOW you must be absolutely exhausted. The monkeys are taking a lot of your food now to fatten them up before they make their grand entrance, leaving you precious little.

    Hoping a good rest will help you to feel better,


  3. My sister, mother of 7 (wow!), always said she would want to eat a HUGE meal and drink a cappuccino and then would would get diarrhea, and not want to eat at all, and then usually labor would start.