Monday, August 30, 2010


I'm 42 today. Happy Birthday to me. The kids got me a card :-)

Here's a question for you. My BP was 120/78 throughout my pregnancy (and before). Now it is creeping up. Yesterday it was 140/80 and today its 120/90. What's up with that??? Anyone else have weird bp stuff post birth?


  1. Happy Birthday! I am 42 too and it's a great age!
    Weird about your BP - I would ask the doc.
    Hope it goes down again:)

  2. Happy Birthday to a fellow Virgo!! We are 10 days apart. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Birthday, and my, what talented kids you have!

    I didn't have any blood pressure weirdness that I know of, but I had some extreme leg swelling a few days after the boys were born and continuing for a week or two after. (I mean like unable to fit my leg into my pants, splitting skin and weeping sores (TMI: sorry) kind of swelling.) I am sure that my blood pressure was up b/c of that. The doctor told me that after birth + carrying twins + c-section = a lot of extra fluid that your body has to deal with now that the kids don't need it. (you nearly double your blood volume when you have twins) Perhaps that is why your blood pressure is going up. That's my half-a$$ed advice for the day!

  4. Happy birthday to you! Enjoy being a mama!

  5. Happy Birthday! The best year of your life is coming at you. I just know it.

  6. Happy Birthday sweet EB!
    best birthday present ever? having kids to make you a card.
    so glad you are feeling better mood-wise, that sounded totally shitty
    and now
    what is UP with the BP??
    call your doc sweetie, and ask.

  7. Happy Birthday, EB! Very sweet of your kids to get you a card (and kudos to the DH).

    I presume your visiting nurse took the BP? It could be of concern when the lower number rises. I'd call the doc and make sure he/she received the numbers. Hope all is okay.

  8. Happy belated! We are one week apart - but of course those pesky YEARS in between. And now you have TWO babies - so happy for you. Take care and may this be your best year ever.

  9. Oh Happy Birthday, EB! I hope you enjoyed your special day. As far as the bp after delivery, I can't help you... I honestly don't remember. I do know that if I monitor my bp at home I get a lot of fluctuation in the readings. My dr had me stop taking it myself because he said the home machines aren't very accurate and I was driving myself nuts. If the nurse is taking it for you when she dresses your wound, it may be due to stress. If you're really worried, give your dr a quick call.

    Thinking about all of you and hoping you have a good day.