Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Non Stress Test results were great. It was a bit of a weird visit tho.

There are two new nurses. One is so totally useless that the Head Nurse ( who I adore) had to apologise to me even tho I hadn't complained. This is why.
Useless nurse asked where the babies were - so I said, last time they were breach, so here and here, pointing at my orb of a belly. She put the first round thing on my belly but we heard nothing. She sits there. Then moves it to the left.

"Mmnn" she mumbles

Yes, she actually made the 'oh dear' sound

In swoops Head Nurse and orders her out. Head nurse feels around my belly and says "Looks like they have moved head down I think, yes, here we go. I am so sorry about that, can you sense the frustration??" Two heartbeats, healthy and happy.

In walks BP nurse.

" Ohhh your BP is really high, 130/88" she growls (think of the Simpson sisters... yeah that's right)
"Try the big cuff" says I,
" Look at that - 120 /80"

Yeah, oh look at that, you moron.

This is one of the top hospitals in the US. I just hope the L&D/Maternity ward is staffed by better nurses.

But who cares - my monkeys sounded great, no contractions and my BP is normal. And here we are ... in the home stretch. 10 days from today. Holy Crapola!!!!


  1. Marge Simpson's two gruff sisters! Ha! Yes, I can see it now.

    Sounds like useless nurse and BP nurse need a little extra training, eh? Nothing like freaking out a pregnant woman. Jeepers.

    So glad that the babies and you are fine and that the babies are now head down. I'm sure the L&D nurses will be GREAT - they tend to be that way.

  2. Errg. I dislike useless nurses. They can cause such a panic if they are not careful. If it is any consolation, I think that the L&D nurses are better. For me, one of the twins' heartbeat was only detectable just under my left breast---and only when I was laying on my right side. It took an L&D nurse to find it when all others could not!

    And as far as the babies with their heads looks like they are getting ready for their imminent debut! Ten more days, wowza! I'm so glad that everything is going so well!!