Friday, August 6, 2010

UPDATE>>>>>I'm a freakin' whale

DR K called and she booked me in for Friday @ 2pm. Yipeeeeeeee. only one more week to go.

huge, huge, huge, and the only place I am comfy is my bed. I guess that's what the home stretch with twins is!!

I have a ton of PIO needles and three vials of PIO going to whomever wants them. I have had two injections of PIO per week throughout the pregnancy coz it helps with placenta function. Well, happily, the sharps box is sealed and sent back to the service, the needles are packed up and there will be no more crime scene on Sunday nights as I spurt blood all over the place.

Let me know if you want the PIO and needles and how to get them to you. May you enjoy them as much as I did!!!!


  1. Congratulations, EB. That's wonderful news. Hang in there, crank up that AC, and relax. Wishing you a safe, quick delivery and healthy, gorgeous monkeys. Can't wait to see their lovely faces.

  2. Very excited to know that you have a firm date. And also nice for you that you know when the discomfort will END! Can't wait to meet your babies! XOXO

  3. WOWOWOW! One week! Seems like only yesterday I'd discovered this blog and you were just getting pregnant! Good luck to you and the babes.

  4. A date and a time! Oh my gosh...a week from THIS MOMENT you will be holding your newborns! Isn't that a wild thought?

    Okay, you rest as well as you can, enjoy your final week of pregnancy and get those last belly photos taken!