Thursday, August 5, 2010

Any day now...

Had a sono today and they weigh 12.1 pounds. She is 6.6 and he's the rest. They look squished but healthy. Huge sigh of relief! He has grown enough to be back in the 50% and she is breaking all records with a showing in the 60's.

Turns out I am the problem. My platelet count went from 125 to 111 last week. The difference in reading has my doctor concerned. She did another blood draw today and if we are 100 or under I have to go in for a C-Section "immediately" . Given that my platelet count has been going in the downward direction since the beginning of my pregnancy it looks like next week is the week. Right?
The blood draw women didn't think there was a rush on the testing so it can't be a total emergency.

Just to confuse me, and therefore you, the Dr then said if the platelet count is stable, or goes up, then we will wait, maybe even to the 20th. Oh OK then. So it's an emergency unless it isn't and then its another two freakin' weeks. Argghhghgh.

I feel anxious, even tho everything is ready. Bags are packed, blood thing is registered, Dh has time off arranged, night nurse is booked. I know DH will freak about this being up in the air, he is so not good with not knowing. Hell, he isn't good with knowing but at least he won't ask me 1000 times what's happening. Maybe I just don't say anything till the blood draw comes back. What do you think?

On a positive note -I ordered some really lovely cotton clothing from JJi.ll and it arrived this morning - so I will have comfy clothing for my week in the hospital.


  1. Best wishes for a healthy delivery for all!

  2. Either way, you're nearly there...

  3. Hoping the bloodwork comes back well and you deliver 2 healthy (and heavy!) babies!!


  4. Well I hope there are no emergencies! But it does sound like it could happen any day. You'd better post every day from now till then so those of us anxiously awaiting your big day will know the monkeys have arrived (wait, isn't it all about us?). BTW, amazing baby weights! Holy cow, you really plumped them up.

    EB, it's going to be GREAT. If I don't get a chance to say it again, please ENJOY your time in the hospital once the babies have arrived. Those first few days are so precious. Let the nurses help (and wait on) you. Rest in bed, hold those precious little loveys close, and study their every tiny feature.

    Much love and happy wishes for a wonderful birth experience.

  5. You have the patience and organization of a saint! Can't wait to meet your babies! I hope you don't have to wait too long, and I hope you can stay healthy! Good luck !

  6. anxiously awaiting their arrival! and might i add that the baby nurse was a fantastic choice??? holy mother of god, it's hard with twins!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. WOW! You are almost there! So excited for you and so happy to hear the night nurse is on board. Totally wish we'd done that. Sleep deprivation (especially with 2) makes you crazy. Looking forward to all the great news to come. Be well, you.