Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ahhh Sundays

My DH works on Sundays and so far I have had a lovely quiet day to contemplate and indulge. I slept till 1030am (the first time I have slept past 8am for probably 20 years) and then had a decaf iced cappuccino. OH MY GOD how gorgeous are they!! I also bought English chocolate from the local store (weird that they have such a good selection) and will watch crap TV all afternoon before my ball of anxiety comes home!!

I've been thinking about this blog. Once the kiddies are here I may stop blogging. We have followed the psychologists advice and not mentioned to anyone that these kids are Donor Egg babies. That's one reason I have been so backwards about posting photo's here. We want them to know first. Once they understand, and if they are ok with it, we can tell the family etc. Apparently this is the least traumatic way for them to find out. Wonder what their reaction will be? Wonder if they will want to search out their gamete donor? We don't have anything written down about her or anyway of finding her other than through Dr J so that might be a little difficult. Funny the things I have started worrying about so close to the delivery day!

Whatever happens, I shall never forget the support and community I have experienced through these past two years. It was a surprise and a blessing. It was the only way I have survived this process and it is such an important part of the story.
Thank You.


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't leave!
    You can still blog about yourself and your experience! And whose going to give you advice and cheer you up like we can?
    I vote no!
    But, of course, do whatever you feel is right.

  2. Of course I hope you will stick around too. I admit that sometimes I don't have much to blog about - there's nothing truly exciting about poopy diapers and milk spit up. Smiles are always nice to talk about though. At times it is difficult for me to justify continuing to blog, but I love the community so much! I guess I could just keep following those who are pg or still trying. I've thought about it.

    But I would miss you...a lot. You've become one of my good friends. Crazy though we've never met (my fault) but we do keep in touch more often than some of my IRL friends.

    Sigh. Do what you feel is right. I might propose that even if you don't post pics or give names, you could blog about your mommy experience.

  3. I totally understand about keeping the DE bit private. We are doing the same. I hate to see you go because I do feel like we've traveled the same journey thus far, and so close together (1 month apart and only 30 minutes away IRL). Maybe someday we can get together for a playdate. You have my email address.

  4. Hi EB,

    you can "start again" here-- archive the old posts (make them drafts or something), take DE off your header and VOILA! Mommy BLOG!
    I would miss you terribly but will whole heartedly support any choice you make. Whatever is right for you is, well, right for you!

    I can't believe you are in the countdown, 5 more sleeps. Holy shit.
    Oh EB, congratulations. I am so excited for you.


  5. Will hate to see your blog go! I'm a regular stalker! :-) I too am pregnant with twins via donor eggs. We too have not told anyone, because we believe the girls should know first. Are you going to tell the pediatrician? My husband thinks we should, but I don't know. Have you decided that yet? Take care!!

  6. I have followed your blog for a long time and would certainly miss it dearly as we are members of a sisterhood. Over 40 ladies who with help of generous donors are mothers. My little girl is now 11 weeks and is a true blessing. DH and I have not shared with family our DE status and probably never will. We will share this with her when the time is right. It has been suggested to us to start her at an early age teaching charity and helping others. This will help as a bridge to explain how a generous person helped mommy as she has helped others herself. I know it will be harder than this, but this is the general idea to start with and we will continue to seek professional help as we go along.

    When you see those tiny faces all the worries will go away and you will know at that moment that somehow you will figure it all out. Yes, you will be scared, afraid and overjoyed all at the same time. The hormones will dictate your inability to "hold it all in". It is ok. Just take one day at a time and cherish each and every moment. I am truly happy for you!! The big day is almost here. Take care of yourself and those little ones.