Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rookie mom ... check

I was changing the boy. Again. We had had a quiet morning and had even taken a walk. He was screaming and squirming on the table and I was being earth mother and singing to him.
Then I saw them. Yellow crystals. Oh my god - when my dad had crystals his kidneys were infected. I ran to the phone and called our Ped doc.

He asked me if he had had a big wet diaper.
Was it high up in the diaper and golden yellow
Gulp, check
Was the diaper saturated?
oh. my. god. check

"They are absorbent crystals from the diaper. When he has a super pee, the diapers base usually get saturated and the crystals break free."
Ah, check

"Good call, always call us with any worries. But, its nothing to worry about this time"

Check :-)

Rookie mom!! CHECK!


  1. Now that was a real laugh out loud story. EB, it's great to hear you doing better. Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL - that's too funny. We had quite a few freak out sessions as well - thank goodness our Pedi gave us her cell phone! keep up the great work mama! You sound SO much better today!

  3. LOL! Good to hear you sounding so settled. Being a Mom, no matter how badly you may have wanted it, is still hard. What a great job you are doing!!

  4. That's funny! I remember the first time I saw those yellow crystals and I thought, "What the heck is that?" But you know, from your doctor's reaction, it sounds like it's a new mom issue that comes up all the time!