Friday, February 25, 2011

the cost of twins

We have a good income. Nothing amazing but good enough. Good enough if we either didn't have kids or they could just sit at home all day.
Let me explain
We go to a music class each week. It's a 10 week class and costs $360 for one child and $1 for the other. Well, that's what it costs when the kids were under 6 months. Now the next class will cost us $610 (we get a sibling discount for returning to the class!!).

HOW MUCH????? $600+ for a 45 min class??????? WTF????????

So I am going to do it. I am starting a play group with my friend. That's 4 kids. I shall invite a twin mommie from the music class,  that's 6 kids. I shall find a space, we can get the 'stuff' from co.sco or sam.s c.lub  and bobs your bloody cheaper uncle. Feck me!! I am boiling mad.
Next year I know of 5 more kids that will need somewhere to go and the mums have already agreed to join our merry band.

I know, this way lies madness but I refuse, absolutely bloody well refuse to pay thousands of dollars for my kids to bang a frikkin drum or finger paint.  


  1. You go girl! I have to say I tried the play classes and music classes and soccer for little guys (bigger than yours), and it is ONLY for you. The kids will not get anything more by doing those things with other kids til they are about 4. Really. NOT that I would discourage you from going and socializing with other moms, but do it for free if you can! Good luck, I look forward to hearing what you come up with!

  2. I know you'll be a success with this! And I'm proud of you for taking a stand. Just think the art supplies that 600 could buy...enough for 100s of classes. Just reading this I have a million ideas and you don't really need any. Kids that age would be happy with toilet paper tubes and old buttons.

    I wish I had twins and that we could join you.

  3. Bravo! Good for you! It is shameful how out of control the costs of infant/toddler 'classes' have become. I mean it. I get that you are paying for a service and clearly that is what the market will bear (look at all the parents that ante up), but it doesn't make it any less shameful (IMO).

    You will enjoy it so much more, having an intimate group that you know meet up. I belong to my local Mom's Club (unofficially, as I am not a paying member) and for almost 2 years now, we've had weekly meet ups at the park, at home play dates, at museums, for birthday parties. And it generally costs me $0.

  4. Oh, you are brilliant! I love it! I wish I had babies to join in...and, well, that I lived closer to you...just a couple of obstacles! :-)

  5. Who the heck is teaching the class....Elton John? Are you kidding me - $600 for a baby music class? I can't get over it. Give the kids a pot and a spoon. I MADE a set of drums for my baby by gluing two empty formula cans together. Sing to them. I have to believe it's all the same to them. But I do love that you're putting your own group together and will steal all the business from the money-sucker-class.