Sunday, February 6, 2011


Me, not DH. I have been thinking about the plastic surgery. I can't afford it even if by some magic I could save the money or get a bonus or win the lottery. We have 2 kids! Pre-school is so expensive in NYC that we have to  start saving now.

Ah well. I enjoyed the idea, for sure.

One good thing coming out of all this is that the exercise bug just bit me in the arse. I am going back x3 times a week come what may. It may have to wait till I get rid of this bug that we are all passing around here. DH then Pip now me. YUCK. I will do the 30, 60, 90 training - run for 30 sec, walk 60, run 90 so on for 30 mins. Then Pilate's and weights. Kinda psyched.
In preperation I have been ' kiddersizing': exercising using the weight of babies as my dumbbells. I lunged to the changing table, danced and bopped for 15 mins per child and do the dreaded plank when they are on the floor. It is so much fun!

DH is doing really well on project GTFU (not that he knows he is on it!!). Washing bottles, playing with kids, getting up early so I can get a few hours uninterrupted sleep (coz they will not let me get a full nights sleep). It is really hot seeing my dh being 'the dad'. How weird is that!! We may even restore night time activities. I have been backwards about that sort of thing since the babies were born. I am a major fattie which is not helping. I am also terrified about getting pregnant again. Take a moment to think about how illogical that is!


  1. I am excited for you - sounds like you're on fire! Except for the yucky bug right this minute. The workouts with babies are great - sometimes they cooperate better than other times! But it's all fun and if you lose a bit o weight that's even better.

  2. Ugh- I wasn't even thinking about tuition costs! Glad you thought of it. I agree with you - it's not worth it when you think about school costs. I have to remind myself of the very same thing - our property taxes are sky high, the public school sucks and private school is very expensive. Ah was nice while it lasted!

  3. Wow, I wish I had your zest for working out! Right now I just want to sleep....

  4. Work out with the twins as weights while you can!

    I read your posts about plastic surgery. I have "twin skin" (but no stretch marks) after my twin PG and C-section. I'm hoping to get a tummy tuck for my 40th bday - also a boob lift, because I could use some help in that area. DH is on board. So I have 6 years to save. Of course, by then we'll be paying for all sorts of kid stuff, possibly including parochial school.