Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sleep training ... me

Thank You. Your advice was heart felt and honest. I took a little of this and that and got my plan together.

1. let them cry or 10 mins
2. go in, calm without words, retreat
3. go back in 15 mins later.
4. repeat in extended intervals.

Sorted. Ha!

I hear my little one gabbling to each other. Now I know what they are saying:
" I'll scream tonight, you tomorrow. We'll hand off each night for about two weeks. After that just watch her come running in even when we don't cry! It's called mom training."

Yep. Neither one awoke but I ran in twice to phantom crying!!! What do you bet that tonight is a cry fest. 


  1. The phantom crying is the worst! My son will be 4 next month and still now I sometimes thing I hear him cry out, I wake up, but nothing.

    FWIW, we did a modified CIO like you are planning when our son was 5 months old and it worked. By the 3rd night he didn't bother to wake..just slept through. Back then, I had a physical reaction to him crying, so we did 5 mins, then 10, then 15 (but never got to 15 as he stayed asleep after the 10 comforting).

  2. Good to see you are feeling better and have a plan. A plan! Knowing you, those babies will be sleeping through the night again in no time!

    The phantom crying gets me too. I hear it and my eyes dart to the baby monitor. Mine has a green light that flashes orange when he cries. But nope, there he is, still and quiet and no flashing orange light. Just my imagination.

  3. Oh, the phantom crying. I used to bolt out of the shower for the phantom crying. My husband did too!

    Glad you have a plan :D