Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buggers are at it again!

Teeth. My poor kids have new teeth coming through and constipation (sorry kids). They are starting to eat solids. 'P' foods. We had three days of peas. Now its pears. Not sure why they are getting constipated on the P foods since they are supposed to have the opposite effect.

It all means that last night the spent the entire night groaning and moaning and I couldn't do a thing about it. Mimi is so tired now she is just laying in her crib with her nanny doll (a stuffed toy goat/dog head with just fabric for a body) and she is trying to behead the poor thing. Hey, share the pain, I get it.

It all means I am knackered and I have a major work issue and oh!! all I want is to go to my bed. Preferably with a little sleepy cuddle monster or two.

Ah, the dulcet tones on my daughter are calling ... glass shattering groaning. She sounds like she's possessed. Possessed by baby teeth! 


  1. Ugh, I am so sorry to hear this. It just sucks when you are in it (and having to work while you are sleep deprived just makes it worse).

    The good news is that this, too, shall pass (but maybe not before y'all pass out).

    Good luck.

  2. Ugh. Teething. Not fun. And constipation?? Yeah, not fun either. One of the boys had (and still has) issues with constipation, even on the "p" foods. We ended up giving him prune juice in his bottle of formula. And not the 1 oz that the doc recommended. We kept upping it until we got to something like 4 oz of prune juice to 2 oz of formula. THEN he would have regular "movements." (And be a much happier camper!) He now gets either straight prune juice or some in his milk. If we don't, he just gets stopped up again. Be careful though if you try this; the other twin just touches the prune juice and has a major problem of the other kind. Baths have had to be taken. Good luck!!