Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Urgh + school

The sinus infection continues. I started the antibiotics today because I am just totally run down and have no chance of fighting this thing off. Since starting them I am not getting as many dizzy episodes so that's cool.

The lack of sleep is extreme at the moment. Pip is still really snotty and can't breath too well at night. So he is up and about most of the night. I cuddle him in the rocking chair till he can breathe again then try and grab an hours sleep before the next round. Added to the fact that they are waking up at 5am and I am operating on no sleep.

This situation is ripe for me to have a melt down which I did in no short order last night. It was over money (it is always over money) and I came home and sobbed. DH has reacted by emotionally disappearing (oh and he was doing so well).  I can see how marriages fall apart under this kind of pressure.

I did have an idea tho. I have four friends with twins or who are going to have twins. I have three more with singletons. Pre schools cost form $12 to $40K in NYC. I think we should start a home school preschool. I know where to find very well qualified pre school teachers. We could split the pay and hold the school in one of the apartments. As long as we all sign liability waivers it might be the perfect solution.

What do you think?


  1. I honestly think that's a BRILLIANT idea for preschool. If you can get a half dozen kids on board, it would provide them with socialization while getting great care, a good student/teacher ratio and even keep illness to a minimum. I wish I lived in the city, I'd eagerly join.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a great idea. Loads of stuff to think about though. It is likely to be one of those things that works well.....unless it doesn't, if you know what I mean. If everyone pays, if everyone agrees on the teacher(s), that type of thing. It may be a headache that just gets more difficult as you dig into it. But who knows, it may just be the ticket!! :)

  3. Help me understand... In most places preschool is not mandatory. Is it mandatory in the city for elementary school admission? If it is, I think it is a great idea

  4. Sorry to hear about all the snot in your house. Sick sucks when caring for babies. Hmmmm, I'm pondering the nursery school idea. I rather like it, but am going to throw some food for thought your way: Will you have to pay for teacher's health insurance? Will you have to pay her for vacation days? Will you have to provide school supplies? Would you have to deduct and report income taxes on her pay? If it's a few hours a few times a week and is informal, you might be able to keep it simple, but I don't know if there would be any legal requirements.

  5. I am sharing in your sickitude - blech. There is nothing worse than when the baby can't breathe you have a humidfier? We use that (with a space heater) and it seems to help a lot with congestion - you need to keep the door closed so it gets all tropical in the room. Good luck!