Saturday, February 12, 2011

all thru the night

Yes, folks, they did it. Just shy of 6 months they slept all through the night. Now, I did take cold medicine but they were asleep when I got up to go to the loo at 4.

I am soaking in the uninterrupted sleep feeling.

Please, sleep gods, come bless my children again tonight. 


  1. It is seriously one of the best.things.EVER!

    Sleep is so underrated before you have kids.

  2. I'm the biggest sleep whore on the planet so I cannot agree with "It is what it is" because it's never been underrated for me. I have always loved it and appreciated it and am the ONLY 44 year old who can easily sleep 12 hours. So can you IMAGINE how new motherhood is going for me?! Ugh!

    But I WILL turn this baby into a sleeper if it's the last thing I do, 'cause I just can't have one of these kids who wakes at 6 AM and blasts through the day with intense energy until 10 PM. HELL NO!