Sunday, October 2, 2011

First blood & learning what slides are for

We were at the indoor playground yesterday and Pip was at his favourite place - the little taxi. He loves to spin the wheel and 'drive' mum around town. I yell 'Empire State Building' and he makes the wheel turn.

He got a little over excited and slipped. He bust his lip. He was bleeding. Now, this was not an emergency or even a doctor worthy event but inside I just went to jelly. He was crying and there was blood on his lip. Ohhhhhh my kid is hurt.

We got ice and within moments he was fine and the bleeding had stopped. He wanted 'down' but I couldn't let go. I couldn't put him down! Poor kid was wriggling and doing that little boy slip to the floor thing but I kept pretending to ice his lip all the while hanging on to him for dear life. I kept biting back tears.

I totally over reacted. It may have something to do with AF doing a hormone number on me this month but seriously, get a grip!

Today we went back and he crawled straight back to the taxi. I was so careful with him I didn't notice that Mimi had started to climb up the slide. When she called me to show me how well she can crawl up a slippy metal incline something in me relaxed. I laughed and helped her slide down. She had a moment of divine understanding that sliding down is waaaaay more fun that trying to slide up. I had a moment of understanding it's all OK - really, it's all totally cool.

Just another weekend learning to be a mum with the cutest teachers in the world. But hey, I may be biased.

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