Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hair cut

Kids had their very first haircut and oh my oh my oh my, they look so cute.  I told the haircutting lady that Mimi will have long hair and to give her a girl cut coz everyone mistakes her for a boy. For Pip - please for the love of all things white bread,  cut off the mullet hair.

And here he is ...  getting de-mulleted (photo deleted)

Mimi was watching something on TV that was clearly not cool. You can see the long hair at the back - that was snipped into a really cool pixie bob. She looked like a supermodel! (photo deleted)

They are both fast asleep after a really lovely play date. The snow is coming down in buckets and the kettle is on for tea.


(I shall delete this post in a few days coz it has photo's).


  1. Oh Eb they are adorable and I love living vicariously through your time with them! A play date and snow and tea, how perfect!!!