Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sliding into last

The last week of employment. It shouldn't feel this good! Over the past few days I have shed my old work persona and felt a huge weight lifting from my shoulders. I slept for 2 hours yesterday afternoon. That is a personal best.

I was chatting with my folks in the UK and thought I should pop over to see them. If I take one of the kids it is really easy. Get a cheap flight and stay with my brother. Well, there is no such thing as a cheap flight. Nothing under $1K.  Ah well. Keep your eyes posted for cheap flight to the UK for me!!

Since  being assessed the kids have started chatting and walking and discussing philosophy ... OK maybe not that one. We went to see friends yesterday and they were amazed at how much the kids had 'grown up' !

Today shall be a lazy Sunday of walks and talks and tea. Perfect.


  1. I think you will be surprised how you shed a lot of defenses and stress once you stop work. Although of course your goal is to find employment soon, and I really hope you do, take time to savor not working. I found it a real gift.
    Good luck! And on finding a flight but which one of your little darlings are you going to take and which are you going to leave?

  2. have you looked at travel zoo?

  3. I got an email from Hotwire about the same time I read your post...they have flights for $680 if you wait til November 9th to go. Not sure of all the restrictions, but it's worth looking into! Best wishes to you!