Tuesday, October 18, 2011


That's me running around NYC interviewing my ARSE off! I decided that I have my family, my health and my humour. Yes, this is sad but enough bloody drama.

We watched the sun come up today. My whole family having a book picnic (throw a blanket on the floor and the kids can put as many books as they like on it and we 'graze'). What more can I ask for?
We sang songs (which is hilarious with pre-linguistic babies) and cuddled, kissed and tumbled.

I shall get another job. My friend will stop wigging out and crying and breaking apart which just kills me. We may even get a job together (got a call this afternoon that someone wants us to replicate our practice in their very cool company).

So, thank you, one and all for your help and support. It made a huge help, as I am sure you know.

Tomorrow we have an assessment  - speech? I shall fill you in afterwards. 


  1. Ra ra ra! Go, EB, you can do it!
    Good luck with the Assessment,

  2. Two things I love: (1) book picnic (much nicer term than "floor trashed with books" which is how our living room floor looks at some point during each day), and (2) "replicate our practice in their very cool company" - how fantastic would that be?! And of course, going in fresh means you would have the opportunity to modify and negotiate things to your liking right up front. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and a prayer on my lips!

  3. Whooosh indeed. What a lot you have on your plate this week. Thinking of you and sending big, positive, hopeful job thoughts and strength for your assessment tomorrow. I remember when we had L assessed at about a year and it was very stressful; although ultimately reassuring. Still. Blech. With love,