Saturday, October 15, 2011


(Thank you everyone for your help. Really does help)

Out of the blue Pip has developed a deep fear of a cartoon lion. It's on the sweetest little DVD but for the past few days if it comes on the tv he screams and gets all ... curflunked. We whip it off fast but I can't help but smile when I hear those little boy sounds. Sooooo cute. I know how he feels tho. Dr Who would come on and I would yell "Dad! come quick". I was terrified of the stupid show but had to watch it! 

I'm doing a bit better on the work front. Might have an interview next week. I have a few meet and greets. On Monday I have to tell my business partner she is being laid off since she has been on vacation for 3 weeks in Asia. We've been working side by side for 6 years. 

I shall concentrate my time this weekend on my family and deal with the work thing on Monday. I need some peace. I shall find that in my kids laughter and the arms of my DH. 


  1. Your partner is in for quite a shock: hope you had a nice vacation, you no longer have a job. I'd say "poor her" but actually, both of you lose here.

    Funny how kids can take to or be adverse to simple little things. There's no telling.

    Good luck with the upcoming interview/meet and greets!

  2. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow EB -- it's a shitty thing to have to break bad news to someone else, worse, sometimes, I think than hearing it yourself in the first place.

    Funny about the lions. Liam goes through phases like that: deadly frightened of bears; of tigers; and my all time favorite, for a while while he was around late 2 early 3 deadly afraid of moose. I would have to assure him, continuously that there were no moose upstairs, in the yard, at Grandma's house, etc. I told him they all lived in Montana and Wyoming, far away, not to worry.

    Sending love,

  3. So cute about Pip! My boys got hysterical (in a bad way) when Robin Williams came on Sesame street. They shreeked and ran out of room to get their Grandma (who was watching them). He was demonstrating how to tie shoes.....go figure.

    On the work front, know that I am thinking of you and your job/stress situation. I'm sending out any and all good thoughts I can.