Monday, October 24, 2011

travel madness

my ma is old with a dicky heart and my dad is older with this that and the other problems. They cannot really travel to me. So I ought to travel to them. I ought to be checking the sites for a low fare (you know -$1000 bucks !!!!!) and buying a single travel system etc.

So, what am I doing you ask?

Watching a West Wing marathon and googling Caribbean family vacations :-)

Yeah, I know. Until I get a job I am not going anywhere but it is fun to dream.

Now, which one should I take? About 4 months ago I would have said Mimi - hands down. But whats this? Pip is coming around the bend with great form - he is cuddly, happy and easy. Mimi? she cannot sit still or stop whining at the moment. Drives me up the frikkin wall. But, she is also very hardy, loves adventure and handled the first trip with ease.

It's a dilemma! 


  1. Hi EB -- thinking of you this last full week of work and hoping things are, what, going smoothly? and that new opportunities are beating down your door. With love,

  2. Getting caught up on your blog. First, hurray for the kids' assessment and passing with flying colors! Just like that, they surprise you and begin talking and walking and reciting philosophy! Love it. As for travel, I guess you can consider the Carribean or UK a little longer. Maybe Christmas? I hope the new job finds you soon.