Friday, September 30, 2011

They called ...

the Early Intervention folks. Now I have to wait for a week or two for the Early Intervention Coordinator to call me back. Why? Yeah, not sure. No-one could tell me.

When the guy was taking the details I felt panicky, like I was going to get involved in something that is big and scary. It doesn't help that my friend is having her kid tested for a gifted abilities. Repeat after yourself - must not compare.

And so we wait,  again.

As it's Jewish New Year (don't ask me to spell it) we studied up on what was supposed to happen and why and had our first Friday Night candle lighting as a family. It's all completely foreign to me and I love it! What a great way to start a weekend together. I loved the blessing of the kids even if I didn't understand a word. I hope my participation doesn't offend anyone but I'm not apologizing either - our family is a mixed up jumble of faith and spirituality but at the heart of it is love. That's all that matters.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are on the East Coast - enjoy the break in the weather!!

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  1. Early intervention sounds more like future intervention (a phone call to tell you to wait for a phone call). Hm. I think you're doing the right thing though and I bet it won't be as scary once you meet up with the people. No, you can't compare kids. But even so, I would venture that "average" people are generally happier in life than those who are overly gifted. Who wants to be saddled with all that responsibility? Happy Autumn!