Saturday, September 24, 2011

The one where I need to grow a pair.

(Yep, we will take the kids to the early intervention assessment.  Kids come first and instinct is something to listen to! )

This flu has been a god send really. I got to stay home and A (nanny) looked after kids.  I got to sleep - really sleep and had the space to think and sort of regroup.  I was spinning around trying to work full out, be a mum full out and still get to the gym, to the choir etc AND try to please everyone. What is that? That need to try and please? The desire to get everyone to be happy?  I even noticed this when I took the kids to the doctor. I didn't want to upset the doctor.

Grow a pair lady!

Not only do I lack balls I also lack  'reaction time'. When asked to do something that takes me aback, I agree. Then I stew!
What to do?  Maybe I should train myself to say "let me think this over for a moment" or "interesting idea, give me a moment to think it through". Any other helpful phrases out there??

Maybe that way I could avoid paying my nanny to babysit while I go on a 10K run (ha ha ha right, run, yeah) and somehow also end up agreeing to pay her son's entrance fee and take him with me? I'm paying her so I can babysit her son! Clever.


  1. How about, hmmmm... Interesting.... I'll have to get back to you on that. By the end of the week!
    Good luck with the twins' early intervention appointment. I hope you are able to figure out whats going on and get the help you all need. Yes, trust your intuition. Hope to hear about it when you are ready to share in a post. But don't do it to please me, please!!!

  2. I'm glad you made the appointment for the kids, and I hope that the only thing you come away with is peace of mind.

    As for being everything to everyone, I find myself in that situation often too. For me it's not because I care about whether everyone is happy, I think that subconsciously I have the need to prove I can do everything and don't want to be proven "weak." Even though rationally I realize no one can do it all, I somehow hold myself to a higher standard.