Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day our style.

Work sucks so it is with great pleasure I launch into the long weekend with the kids. We don't have family around and DH has to work so the kids and I will hang out and play for two whole days on our own. Our little tribe.

When I used to look after them for the 15 hours or so on Sunday and it would feel like a marathon but now I find it a different kind of tiring - a less debilitating tired. Its more like the tired I get when I work out really hard or run. Physical, I guess, rather than emotional.

The kids are really good fun at this age. They like to play chase, with those diaper clad bottoms waggling in the air. They love anything bouncy (including mum's tummy). When they need to chill we all read a little - me on some meditation mats in their room and the guys, in their cribs,  eating the corner of a book or licking a page.

Ahhh, kid time, bring it on.

Hope you have a wonderful Labour Day, who ever and where ever you are.

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