Thursday, September 29, 2011

Passing the bottle

New season new look.  I love autumn. I love jeans and socks and sweaters and scarfs and gloves and sunshine and cold, cold, no humidity weather. It's brutal in NYC at the moment with the humidity and rain rain rain. Bugger off you crappy weather!!

I think it breaks tomorrow which will be just amazing.

The kids are a blast at the moment. They are really starting to get that other people exists and can be fun. This morning we were all sitting in a row, they having their bottles and coffee for me. Before Mimi could throw it dramatically on the floor which irritates the crap out of me I said

"Pass your bottle to Pip and he can pass it to me"

It took a little negotiation but she passed her bottle to Pip. There was a little bit left in. He looked at both of us, grinned and downed it! Then he passed me the bottle with a happy "mamamamamama"


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