Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TRYING to do the right thing

It is harder to get through New York Services for the kids assessment than it was to get a frikkin Green Card. I called the number, got put through to 311 (which seems to be the most useless service we have) and they put my through to a voicemail box. I was told that early assessment is open to children under three at no cost but that they would have to call me back since they were not there. Very logical use of a voicemail message if not useful.

Anyhow, I'm going to speak with the pediatrician yada yada. More when I know more.

Life with the kids rumbles on.

Pip had his first 'time out' - for throwing something at a mum in his music class. He had a strop and she tried to help (poor fool) and he chucked a toy at her. Super nanny put him in timeout coz no matter what the reason we do not throw things at people in strops. It makes me laugh just to think about it.

Mimi is still a creeper not a walker. She will not walk without holding onto something. Last night she had a full on meltdown (probably coz she was over tired) when I tried to walk with her. Had to cuddle her for ages in the rocking chair after that. Oh life is hard :-)

Its mid afternoon and I have to get some air if I am to make it through the day. Or I could go home. Right then, home it is.


  1. Sorry life is so hard right now. Sounds like going home was the right thing to do! Good luck getting help from the system - it sounds infuriating but typical of social services:(

  2. Maybe your ped can help you get that first appointment for the kids' assessment. The way they have it set up (no one answering the phone) sounds infuriating.

    Oh, we've done time outs with Scout too. The first time he thought it was SO funny that I kept sitting him back down when he tried to get up and run away. The next time I put him in the play yard, aka, jail. Wasn't so funny then. Mimi will walk when she's ready. My mom says my sister didn't walk till 14 months - you know, kids are on their own schedules.

    Good idea to go home early!

  3. Sure, let me know when you are coming to Chicago. I would love to grab coffee with you :)