Tuesday, September 13, 2011


What is going on with my little fella? He has turned into a needy emotional mess overnight. If I leave the room, if I look at his sister, if I talk to his dad or his nanny I get an earful. At first it was endearing; my little boy really into his mum. Now its driving me batty! Give me a break kid.

He does have an infection where he had his MMR injection. I wonder if it hurts him and makes him this little monster? Or is it teething. Or maybe this is who he is.

Have you ever thought about not liking the personality of your kids? I think parents of teenagers would laugh at the question but as a parent to twins I wonder about this. I wonder what life would be like if for some reason I naturally gravitated to one twin over the other. Of course when I ask my twinnie friends about this they laugh. Of course you will gravitate to one twin over the other, they say. Then the next hour it will reverse. This is the course of being a twin mum.

What's your experience with your multiples?


  1. Sorry you have such a needy little boy right now. :(

    I definitely used to gravitate twords one or the other twin more when they were "younger." (But they are only 2 now, so younger is all relative!) That is happening less so now as they are getting to be more independent. But it is still there :)

    While 12-24 months was infinitely easier than birth to 12 months, 12-24 months was DEFINITELY challenging. They want to be independent and yet are so needy. I think that you are in a really challenging age right now. My boys were late to talk (didn't really say Mama or Dada until they were 2), so I wasn't sure how much they really understood when we spoke to them. And their lack of communication skills REALLY drove them nuts, so we had a lot of neediness from one child and anger fits from another until they started talking a little bit. Just like Pip, if I left the room, J would dissolve into hysterical tears. It would be very intense for a while, and then subside. (At one point we were even talking to the pediatrician to see if he had emotional problems.) It was hard, but just like everything else, it (mostly) changed....

    J is still much more sensitive and needy than his brother. And A will pitch a fit faster than the speed of light. However, I don't threaten under my breath to leave one or the other out by the side of the road for the gypsies to carry off anymore, so that is progress!

    Hope your little guy feels better soon!

  2. Ooh ,sounds challenging. Wish I had some clever advice. My only thought, if his injection site is infected, maybe he is in pain? I would check it out at the docs.
    Being a twin I can vouch that what the PP said is true - or at least that's what my mum told me!