Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well look at that - 50K have visited this page. THANK YOU to everyone that popped in and a very big THANK YOU that let yourself be seen and heard. I love posting (clearly, try stopping me) but I really love reading people's reactions.

This month I am one of the guest bloggers at a multiples blog. I shall be posting every Tuesday. The tone is light and cheerful just in case you didn't want another dose of my self pitying !!

Today, kids are much better. They were very clingy and I was a little too relieved to get to work (!) but all in all I think things will be fine today. I hope Pip warms to the nanny a little. He is very loyal to super nanny.

I am sitting in my office. It is quiet and I have Chopin playing quietly in the background. There are fires and troubles flying into my inbox but I know what they are now. They are events that will pass, one way or another. They are not needy kids, crying kids, insecure kids, hungry kids, bumped and boo-boo'd kids. My heart doesn't lurch or leap as I hear the pings.  This is one of the best things about motherhood. 


  1. I hadn't seen this blog before. I was immediately taken with it. I am looking forward to see what you contribute!

    Glad to see that your day is going better. And yes,I agree, now that I'm a Mom, problems at work seem less severe than problems with the kids!

  2. I'm right there with you! I don't tell my husband, but I like going into the office so that I can RELAX. I can chat with a colleague, enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting down, have an uninterrupted lunch and go to the restroom when I need to! Ha.

    As for heart lurching, oh man, Scout's latest hobby is *stepping.* As in his affinity for the concrete step on our concrete patio: step up, step down, step up, step down...fall down. His shins and knees are various shades of purple these days.