Monday, August 8, 2011

Singing, chatting, meowing, worming

Yes, we have the weird kids that learnt to speak cat before human words. Actually Pip can grunt like a pig and Mimi meows but hey, animals it is.

Pip still likes to go around in circles on his bum when not scooting off marine style to some unclassified area of the apartment, like our bedroom or the cats litter box. Mimi took a few little steps but she is a little under confident about the whole stand up and walk thing.

I think Mimi will be the first to actually speak words. I swear she said breakfast this morning but I'm so sleep deprived (due to a neurotic cat) that she probably just burped.

I looked at my kids this morning and thought - right, time to step it up in the fitness front. Yesterday after a marathon baby day (20 hours more or less) I was totally knackered. So tired and achy. So today I took a snow day and went to the gym. I actually ran/stumbles/staggered/walked for about 40 mins. It felt great. Next step is joining a yoga class for flexibility. I feel like we have some active toddlers growing here at home and I need to be ready.

On another note - Mimi has ringworm. The doctor doesn't seem to be bothered at all. It sounds so Victorian. Ringworm! Anyone else out there been down this road?? 


  1. While I have not been down the road with my son, I had ringworm as a child. No biggie.

  2. No, no ringworm here (where do they come from, anyway?). At the moment though, I am convinced that Scout's newborn blocked tearduct is back. After a year with no problem. Weird. So, you know, kids...never can predict what will happen next!

    I hope to get online Saturday, but in case I don't make it, I wanted to wish you and the kids a Happy First Birthday! I look forward to hearing the details of their big day!

  3. Saturday, August 13, 2011....
    Happy Birthday, Mimi and Pip!!!! Congratulations, EB, on this momentous accomplishment! I am so honored to have shared this journey with you and have enjoyed (and hope to continue enjoying) sharing our respective corners of the world with each other. I hope your family has a wonderful celebration today! Love and hugs!