Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feckin' update

I called the stroller company (thanks Kathy!) and all is well. It was a break thingy and a roller disk whachyamacallit and now we have a smooth running stroller. Whoop!

I was really worried we would have to buy something or replace something coz you know it would end up costing hundreds of dollars. But - crisis averted.

I haven't bought anything for the kids in ages. It seems to have slowed down. Or maybe its because they have a birthday coming up and I assume we shall get swag from that? My dear friend has given us a great birthday present for the kids - a night in a swanky downtown hotel for the parents! I cannot wait since Mimi is having sleeping problems (this after boasting on that my kids don't have sleep problems).

I wonder if she has started dreaming? It could also be that we are weaning her off a 9pm bottle. Pip hasn't had the late bottle for ages but she seems to wake up hungry in the night (or that's the only reason I can think of).  Mind you, she doesn't drink the whole bottle so I am just making the shyte up.

Any ideas dear readers?

Did your kids every have a 11 month, 12 month sleep pattern change?


  1. Ugh, say it (11-month sleep pattern change) aint so! I've been enjoying the whole 'get lots of sleep each night' phenomenon too much to give it up happily! glad the stroller-wheel was easily fixed. I'm with you--hate realizing that the fancy-dancy thing I just bought is going to need fancy-dancy repairs!

  2. Sleep patterns in infants/toddlers/youngins can change on a dime and for seemingly any reason or no reason and tend to right themselves as quickly.

    Keep her routine the same, run through the usual suspects (on coming cold, teething, growth/developmental spurt) and hang in there...

  3. As you saw from my recent post, sleep patterns and habits are a constant issue in our home. I will say that at 16 months, once my boy goes to sleep, he pretty much sleeps through the night. Occasionally there is a 3 am cry-out (although I think he does it in his sleep) where I pop the pacifier back in his mouth and all is solved. Probably every kid is different, though.