Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to me.

Its my birthday. At 4am this morning both kids went ballistic. That was the start of hell day. The nanny didn't get the naps right (she's a stand in for when super nanny returns from vacation) so both kids were out of sorts and really tired when...

...we went for their one year appointment. Oh yes, the one with all the shots.

Holy shyte and lipstick.

Two hours! The appointment took two sodding hours. The kids got shots in both arms and then we had wait and wait and wait for the lab chick to give them the blood test.

Needless to say, two seriously screaming kids sent the stand in nanny into "lets just take them home" mode.  Not frikkin helpful.

Pip doesn't like nanny stand in and screams and cries when she is near him. He just want me. ALL THE TIME.  And boy, can this boy whine ...wwwwwhhhhhiiiinnnnneeee

So, right now, I'm about ready to kill someone or something.

Deep breath.

Happy bleeding birthday to me.


  1. Oh my. Happy birthday indeed. I hope it gets better!

  2. Oh....not exactly the birthday wish I would have made for you (or the kids!). Crap. I wish I would have posted about SKIPPING the 1 year old blood test. Yeah, we skipped it. Scout is not exposed to lead. Why put him through the venipuncture? Sorry it wasn't the best, but Happy Birthday, friend.