Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleep training ... AGAIN

I seem to be always awake these days. If it isn't the kids its the damn cats or the job. I love my cats but it's a good thing they are old. I don't love my job but hey, it pays the bills.

I slept at the hotel for 12 hours. We were both snoring by 9pm!  Oh the sleep was just glorious. I didn't even dream.

Back home now and we have launched into sleep training again. Last night they went down fine but at 3am (or was it 4am?)  Mimi was hollering. I went in and hushed and kissed her but didn't pick her up. She settled down pretty quickly but wouldn't go back to sleep. If I tried to leave the room she would set off again.  Eventually at 5am she woke up Pip and so the day began.

We are all wiped.

I want my sleeping kids back. I want my little kids that yawned and told me it was bed time and stayed there.

Tonight I'm doing the interval thing. YIKES. If a 4am you hear two wailing sounds, a cross between a small animal being tortured and siren - that would be us.


  1. Sleep RE-training is never fun. I hope it's short lived. What happens if you simply don't go into the room when Mimi cries at 4 am? Scout will sometimes do the same thing, and I have to force myself NOT to jump out of bed and go to him, because often he is *talking* in his sleep and if I wait, I'll soon hear the slow, steady breathing of sleep again. Of course sometimes not, and then finding and replacing his lost pacifier in his mouth usually works.

    Anyway, I'm jealous of your 12-hour sleep-a-thon. It sounds heavenly. Hope the kids learn the joys of all-night sleep soon too.

  2. wow - I love the 12-hrs of sleep you got. Last time I traveled out of town, I slept from 7p-7a. it was awesome. Sleep training sucks. I can't do the CIO with M, it just doesn't work with her and she ends up waking up Q. NOT okay for us. I hope you guys can work this out. It's miserable when you're not getting any freakin sleep.

  3. Ugh, sleep training is never fun, but it can be especially hard when you've seen the possibility of a good nights sleep! I hope your little ones figure it out soon. Hopefully, they will be soon back to their little yawning and snoozing selves!