Thursday, August 18, 2011

Go the f**k to sleep

If you have itunes and you have the desire - download the book Go the F**k to sleep. It's pretty darn funny.

What is not funny is Mimi waking up and screaming multiple times in the night. What is going on?? I try and soothe her in her crib with binky and bear, which up until now has always worked. Now? Nooooo. I end up rocking her in the chair for an hour.

She has a cold. The weather is funky. She is transitioning off formula. She is starting to walk. She has a sweaty head. What is it????

I get a break tomorrow night tho. My wonderful, dear and beloved friend gave us the best Year 1 present ever. A night in a really great hotel, a massage and breakfast in bed. We can't actually afford to eat diner at the hotel so we are going to the pizza shop over the road!!!
Only one more night to get through before sleep, glorious sleep.


  1. Ugh so sorry about Mimi. But, what a wonderful gift from your friend! I hope you enjoy every minute of it (every minute that you're actually awake, that is)!

  2. We started having the same problem with M about 3 months ago. I used to spend an hour or more every night in the middle of the night, rocking her back down. I finally gave up and now she sleeps with us. F**K it. At least we get mostly uninterrupted sleep now. WIsh I had some advise for you, but we unconditionally surrendered. lol