Friday, August 26, 2011

Not got milk

What is the deal with real milk? My guys barely drink 6floz of the stuff during the day. When I googled (oh yes, that wealth of accurate information) everyone was saying 18-24oz per day.

My guys just don't wanna.

What to do?

They do eat lots of yogurt. A couple a day. They are also eating real food  - chicken etc. And they love water. I get to chat to the doctor about it next week at their one year check up but would love your thoughts.


  1. Although my kids were avid milk drinkers, they really cut back on it at a year and a half when we switched them from a bottle to a sippy cup. I brought it up with the doctor at their 18 month check up, and she was not concerned. Like your kids, they ate a lot of yogurt. she dis suggert that I give them orange juice fortified with calcium (since they loved OJ). Other than that, she was not particularly worried. I don't remember, did you just switch them recently from formula to.cows milk? If so, you may see their milk consumption drop down for 2 or 3 weeks only to have it rise again later.

  2. Scout probably only drinks about 10 oz of milk each 24 hours (breakfast, naptime and bedtime). He also loves yogurt and cheese. Our pediatrician said "milk is a drink" and when I asked him to clarify, he basically said it didn't matter whether Scout drank milk or something else...all of is fluid, and as long as he is consuming enough fluid, it's fine. More than anything else, Scout drinks "juice" which is 70-80% water and 20-30% whole fruit juice (usually something like cranraspberry). I'll be interested to hear what your kids' doc says.