Thursday, August 25, 2011

CIO - no really. I mean it this time.

Last night I got home around 1am from San Fran and walked into the kids room. Fooooooooolish. I went to bed 30 mins later with them still screaming. I lay awake listening to the diminishing cries wondering why on earth I just spent 30 mins trying to shush them to sleep!
It kills me to hear them cry but who am I kidding. Get out of the room and let them sleep. DH zzzzz'd through the whole thing. I love that man.

Since wondernanny is on her annual leave I am on mamma duty which, if truth be told, I am secretly delighted about even if I am exhausted. If they wake up in time we have the amazing music class (trombones, piano's, tasty snack) and then home to get ready for the typhoon or whatever is heading our way.

Question of the week: I need food ideas for the kids. They are 12 months and seemingly eat anything.


  1. Ugh, CIO, never fun, but usually effective! As for as kiddie foods go, when the kids were a year I gave them small chunks of fruits-apples, pears, mellons and such. I also made them grilled cheese sandwichs, grilled chicken that I cut into small pieces. And the best toddler food for most little ones? Beans. Navy beans, kidney beans, etc. A just adored them and I knew lots of other toddlers who did as well. Of course, J didn't like them at all, so go figure. Oh, I also made my fair share of scrambled eggs. I hope this helps!

  2. Food is tough - seems like we feed him the same thing over and over. Favorites are chopped spaghetti with sauce, ground meat and veges mixed with mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, almond butter and jelly sandwich, and when he refuses to eat, I just try to get him to eat a few bites of fruit, applesauce (Motts makes great, natural varieties like pomegranite-apple, strawberry-apple and raspberry-apple) and yogurt. Oh, and he likes Goldfish crackers. By the millions.