Thursday, June 2, 2011


What is with the runny noses people?? Both kids have classic 'snotty' kid noses.  I read that the medical community don't believe they are a sign of teething but that every mum under the sun seems to disagree!

Certainly both my little cherubs are gaining more gnashers. Mimi has three or four on the bottom and two big ones just peeking through on top. More or less the same with Pip.

I do find the attack of the baby vampires funny, in a slimy painful way. If you get too close to Mimi and her teeth are giving her bother, oh boy watch out. Elmo lost an arm yesterday.
Pip doesn't attack as much but does wail and gnash. He sort of sucks his lips over his teeth and moans. Sort of like a tiny little dirty old man.

Does this teething thing go on for long?


  1. Too funny! Sometimes it seems like it goes on forever, but it lasts a few (3ish?) weeks. Too bad for Elmo!

  2. My experience has been that the "teething terrors" are intermittant: new onset with each teething spell. The intermissions are wonderful - less drooling, less crying, less gnashing of teeth. But the intermittantcy (is that a word?) does go on. Scout cut a boulder of a 2 year molar recently and jeepers to joseph, it was NOT fun. His favorite comforts during the worst of it are his soft-spout sippy cup (he can chew on the "nipple" spout) and his cotton burp cloth (which he also chews on till soggy). Hope you and the kids get an intermission soon!