Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh dear

I gained a pound. +1. Ah well. In some circles that means 'to like' (digital language).  Not in my world. In my world it means I need to move my fat arse more and eat more fruit and less weight wa.tchers ice cream even if they are low in calories.
You know, every time I eat low calorie things I gain weight. Odd that.

Pip and Mimi are moving on to real food. Watermelon, yogurt, banana, pasta etc. If the chunk is too big Pip projectile vomits which comes as a surprise and is upsetting for the poor kid.

I am really scared of the food thing. I am scared of giving them food they aren't supposed to have or not giving enough or choking or poop issues. I never knew I was such a fearful person until I had kids!

Any advice on moving to real food is most welcome. 

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  1. Henry gags if things are too chunky for him, and since he loves biting things but isn't so keen on CHEWING them? Yeah. It's a problem (and even then it's not as scary as projectile vomiting must be!) One thing I've found is that if I 'model' really exaggerated chewing & swallowing motions (preferably with a mouthful of food!) for him, he figures it out quicker because he doesn't forget tht he has food in his mouth. Otherwise, no - no advice, but I'll be checking back to see what other people suggest!