Monday, June 13, 2011

Playing hookeeeeeeeeeeeee

Not only was it not raining or humid today and not only was my 8am meeting cancelled but best of all... I played hooky and went to my kids music class today.

Its held in a church hall that's a throw back and I LOVE it. It smells of my childhood back in the UK - old dusty church hall with a rickety stage,  I can't believe it is in the middle of NYC.  The music class is the least expensive one in the city and the guy running it's such a love. He plays the piano, french horn, guitar and he lets the kids (even mine) touch all the musical instruments.  I let them sit on their own to encourage independence for a little while till I just had to join in! There I was in full work outfit rocking out and shaking my eggs (the toy kind), kissing them every other beat or so. It would seem I am a smushy helicopter mum!

And here they snapped in a moment of calm ...

We're slowly trying real foods so after this class we had homemade vanilla yogurt, blueberries, banana and oatmeal whizzed up. YUM!! 


  1. Ooh what fun! And what little cuties!
    Btw we are gearing up for our trip to W. Yorks in August! Woohoo!

  2. What a sweet picture! There is something really delicious about the back of a baby's head and neck. I wanted to munch your kids right through the computer screen!

    The music class sounds great. Isn't it fun to see babies rockin' to the music? And even more fun for mama to get into it too!

    Hey, btw, thanks for the True Blood seems like forever since it was on! I can't wait!