Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plague and pestulance

Well, bloody nora, we've all been hit!!!

I have an infected intestine - or something like that. Something "very unusual" according to the hospital doctor. I've had severe side pain for a few days and for the first time in three years I went to see my general doctor. I said "Oh I think its a UTI". She did a few tests and sent me for a CT scan and blood work "STAT". OK not a UTI. No-one would tell me anything other than 'drink this foul goop' and 'well done, here's your second bottle of foul goop'. Four hours later I get home and my doctor phoned with the good new/bad news call. Good news not a big problem bad news no treatment except rest and hydration.

Ha ha ha ha. Rest!! How exactly when coz ...

... Pip has a stinking head cold. I'm somewhat concerned coz his usual crystal clear snot is yellow and man oh man is there a lot of it. He's getting the wonderful Cal.pol but his nose is soooo stuffy. I know yellow means infection so our wonderful nanny that used to be a Physicians Aid gave me strict instructions about hydration, feeding, sleep, snot retrieval and watching for fevers/rashes etc when to go to the ER STAT!

Mimi is sneezing like a pepper mill worker so I expect her to join in the sick fest anytime now

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  1. Oooh, that's bad! Maybe you can cash in some of those points you earned on Fathers Day?