Thursday, June 30, 2011

monkey madness

Mimi wants her mamma. And when she gets her mamma she clings on like a little monkey. She also tries to climb up mamma but that is less cute due to the inflammation from her intestines.

I researched separation anxiety and I think we have a classic case of it. From what I read, I should be annoyed and over it but I love it. LOVE IT. Yes, clearly, I am desperate for the love of my kids!!!

DH and I are both home 'sick'. I'm either catching up on months of sleep or I have narcolepsy. DH has a sore throat. I kid you not.

What you all up to for July 4th? Someone with a life please tell me what you're up to so I can live vicariously through you. 


  1. Sorry to hear you all have been sick. The poor lot of you! I hope everyone is recovering soon.

    Well, nothing too fantastic for the 4th here. I was thinking of putting some hot dogs on the grill. Otherwise, I'm just worried that it will be a wretched night because the baby's window is at the front of the house....where the yahoos and rednecks on our street will be out half the night hooting and hollering and drinking and setting off fireworks, no doubt. I suspect baby will not be asleep on schedule (boo hiss).

  2. I am estranged from my mother, who literally lives down the street so what were once strained family holiday get togethers are no more (thankfully). But, it requires me to reach out to friends and actually make plans (we tend to be the entertainers not the entertainees). So, what started out as a benign inquiry to see if anyone wanted to come for a BBQ and water slide play date has turned in to a full on, 30 person fete on Sunday.
    We would have had nothing to do so I am grateful to be able to spend time with people I like.