Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers Day .... bwahhahahahaha

I know. It's only fair that there is a day that's celebrates your holy-ness. However, indulge me. Included for your review are just some top line ideas about why Father's Day sticks in my craw. 

  • I got up this morning and you had tried to feed the kids peas and brown rice for breakfast before they threw it all over the floor in protest. 
  • I had to clean up brown rice and peas this morning
  • I  found my silk t-shirts that I wear for work in the dryer. Mimi will look FABULOUS.
  • You never, NEVER get up in the night to look after the kids and yet ...  always tell me how tired you are.
  • What is with dumping all the pillows on my side of the bed? Why do you DO that?
  • Stop putting empty cartons back in the fridge or so help me... 
  • Emptying the dishwasher and putting the dishes away are all part of the same thing, not separate chores. 
  • Ditto on the washing up
  • You seem to have invented the opposite to warp speed when getting through a list of 'to do's
  • Are you deaf? 

And finally ...  you're not Vincent D'onofrio. Yeah, I KNOW!


  1. :)

    (And my word verification was 'bulnest')

  2. I thought maybe you were going to out do him with wonderful fathers day presents and treats from the twins. You know, to make him think he should have done more on mothers day!
    BTW - we are staying in Meltham, near Huddersfield where my bro lives. Also Wales and Scotland. And Hull for my mum's memorial service.

  3. Hee hee hee. I smiled as I read through your list....only because I had to compare your list with a list I might write. Many similarities - like an empty jelly jar in the fridge.

    Yes, yes, I agree with you. But, look, for the kids' sakes, we have to...we HAVE to do it. So I made a paper tie with Scout's footprint on it for DH. And got him a card. And a present. Which he wants to return anyway. So okay. They don't really earn these accolades, but we we have to least a little.

    I really liked the list though! :)