Monday, June 6, 2011

Say Cheese. If it isn't too much trouble.

So this weekend we took the kids to a  street/park party type of thing sponsored by the amazingly expensive kids services in the city. We can't afford the $1000 joining fee for the baby gym but we'll take your free shite any day.

Anyhow - I was pushing the stroller and stopped to pull the hoods of the stroller seat back (sun protection that was sadly not needed). A Time Ou.t photographer looked over at Mimi. She walked over and snapped her photo and then walked away.


She made no effort to engage me (mama bear) or ask for permission. She was wearing a badge that said "official TO photographer".

For a professional photographer to snap and not ask permission is disgraceful. I mean its not like we like in a nice friendly little town - this NYC for crying out loud. Did I say or do anything? Of course not, I was too dazed.

 I need to sharpen up when it comes to the protecting the kids. I am way to English about the whole thing.

Now off I toddle to write a strongly worded note to the editors of Tim.e.Ou.t Kids.

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  1. So often things happen that catch us off guard and we simply can't respond at the moment. That's understandable. I'm with you though, about taking a photo without asking. I think you are right to contact the company and ask them about their policy and submit a formal complaint.