Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Was I naughty or nice last weekend?

Well of course I was nice. After all, when he does make the effort DH is excellent. So I gave him a spa morning at a fancy dancy spa in SOHO which caters to the frazzled dads in NYC for next Friday. We are then going to the movies at the actual cinema. I got the kids to 'sign' a card for him (ahh). We had sushi and ice cream to celebrate (not on the same day).

Pip decided Father's Day was a great day to stand up (holding on to mum) and start commando crawling. Boy can that little fella get around. Mimi is almost standing and both of them are communicating like mad. No idea what they are saying but who cares. It's amazing how their personalities are coming through. Pip is turning into quite the cutie pie and Mimi, well lets say I see supermarket meltdowns in my future.

All told, DH was very pleased.

My big guy has changed over the past few weeks in a very positive way. I think hearing what people think of him (negative) and experiencing the joy of actually fulfilling his role as dad and partner (positive) has helped him course correct. He is into the kids, makes them fall around laughing, changes nappies and whatnot.  Still doesn't 'do' the routine but I am confident he will get there. On Friday night he put Mimi's nappy on but it wasn't tucked out at the legs. I was making diner and I heard her screaming. I go in and she is covered in poo. As is her cage, I mean crib, bedding, toys and her precious Gem Gem (lovie, not the cat). DH was amazing. He went straight in like a cross between Bat.man and the Mr Muscles guy on the cleaning bottle.

Holy poop B-Man!!!!


  1. This is all very good news! The poop sounds - er - scary! Glad he fixed it!

  2. Hooray for redeeming value! Yeah, you know, we get mad at them for something, gripe, need some validation, and then move on. And some days they surprise us and actually step up to the poop. I mean plate.