Sunday, August 18, 2013

Year 3 promises

Kids turned three and we had the best party.  However, I saw the photo's and I was so embarrassed.

When I returned to WW this weekend it became clear that I have just really f'd up. All the weight back on. I have 100 pounds to lose again. Ohhhhhhhhh. When I couldn't eat in the first trimester of the kids pregnancy I lost more weight and that meant I went down by 42 pounds. I cannot believe I have to start this journey again.

By my birthday I will have tracked everyday (August 30th)
By Thanksgiving I will no longer be in my damn FAT PANTS
By Christmas we will have a family photo where I will be proud of myself again.

Because I will not be the fat unhappy mum when my kids start preK next September.

I will be the healthy happy mum.

Damn it!!


  1. I am right there with you and your goals made me realize that I need to set some, too (I need to lose 45#). I need to give some consideration, and I, too, am a WW (although I'm not active at the moment).

    CHEERING YOU ON! I will NOT be this fat at Christmas, either.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Pip and Mimi! Wow! I remember your daring transfer as if it were yesterday! (Inspired, I begged my RE to transfer 4, but she wouldn't do it LOL) Congratulations on your new job. I hope it is everything you dream of! My twins' 3rd birthday is coming up in a month and I am horrified with myself as well. I too have about 100lbs to lose and am dreading their birthday pics. I also am having nightmares that kids are going to make fun of my kids because of their fat (huge, elephantine) mommy when they start preschool next month. I am with you ladies to be a healthy, happy mom! Kathy