Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bug bite

Mimi has an couple of bites on her leg. They are large round and hard. Today they started weeping. I went to the chemist and she gave me some stuff.

Amazing how something so little can worry me so much. I love being a parent, even tho the weight of the worry is unbearable at a moments notice.

On the weight loss front - I ran today. Ran like the clappers. Furthest ever in shortest time. Was it fun - hell no. Am I proud. Hell YEAH.


  1. I hear you about the worry - it is amazing how I can go from zero to sky might be falling in about no time.

    Thanks for stopping by the Liam blog and for your kind comment. I've been following your weight loss / health thing. You are so kick ass! Can I ask -- how do you find time? I also (really, truly) need to lose 20 pounds, I'm at my highest weight ever, and I have these fits and starts at exercise or "healthy eating" or whatever, but I always sabotage myself somehow and, honestly, it seems really hard to find time to exercise. How do you do it and do you have any interest in virtual teaming up? I really have to get on this, both for my health and for the sake of some important meetings I have coming up in October where I do not want to be a sloppy 20 pounds heavy. . .

  2. Hi there. I read your blog whenever you post just don't have time to comment all the time. But do know I am there :)

    I write out my timetable for the week on a Sunday night, put everything into my calendar and treat my health events with equal importance as work etc. I also make the choice of working out instead of say .. housework. So now there is a pile of washing to be done and the house has 'fuzzy bunnies' in some of the corners but so be it. I'll get little vacuum cleaner for the kids and make it into a game :)

    Yes! lets team up!! I have a secret dream of running a 5K in every state in the US over the next two years so maybe we'll get to run together when I come out your way.

    have you got my email? I can't remember.

    1. Hi EB -- this is great. I'm ready to team up. I don't have your email, but mine is on the Liam blog. Or use elizmcmanus@msn.com. "Talk" soon.