Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When it rains it a freakin' monsoon

Here is my week so far.

Mon:  amazing full time job offer.
Mon: Pip goes down with really high temperature and hasn't slept in two days
Tue: kids 3rd birthday party - 3!!!!!!!
Tue: amazing counter offer by my freelance client
Wed: directing a reading on Friday without a producer (read: chaos) rehearsals start tonight

I am so frazzled it's not funny anymore.

Job: great company, no travel and they came after me (read: exciting and flattering)
Kids party: amazing and wonderful. Really funny entertainer, home made everything from sandwiches to cake and I did most of it (mum of year award to me). Wonder nanny came in and said that all the guests and moms had enjoyed themselves and the kids were all pooped. Pip and I missed it all since he wanted to get away from the noise. Awwww. We are having another little party this weekend for them so he can get some birthday mojo back.

It's been crazy fun but really stressful. I am all tied up in knots and ... I haven't slept.  Sleeping is key to avoiding a chemical mishap in my brain. I can feel the black clouds framing my mind and need to clear them away.  I should be really excited about this new job and when I take a moment to think about it I am but right now, I'm fighting the blues.

I'm also terribly conflicted about the new job. I have a good little business going and agreements right through to the end of 2014. However, whilst I would earn lots of money I am finding it a little boring, which surprised me. So I have opted to go for less money and more diversity in the full time job. I also get flexible hours and huge amounts of vacation time which makes me very happy. At least it will if I can catch up on some sleep. 


  1. Wow, what an exciting week! Hope it settles down a bit, though, so you can enjoy it all a bit more.

  2. Glad you are awash in so many exciting things.

  3. The job sounds really good. It might be nice to have co workers too - right? I hope there are no psychos in sight in this job!
    You are a dynamo!!!