Thursday, August 8, 2013

second opinion

Thanks Brenda, I did go and get another Dr's pov. He agreed that after losing weight (50 pounds minimum) then reduce 'what's left' so that as little weight as possible is pulling on my back. He suggested lap band but I really want to try and do this by myself.

He also suggested a breast reduction. My girls!!!!

In the meantime I go to physical therapy twice a week. Workout every other day. Yoga every other day. Pilates or giro something every other day.

Yeah, lets start small shall we!!

Good lord.

He said that going abroad is "a stupid idea" and that after losing weight he will write the recommendation for reduction based on the insurance friendly rules.

So there we are. Operation (mmn need a name - any idea? ) is ON!

Thanks again guys


  1. Yay for 2nd opinions.

    But, going abroad stupid? My ass. The US no longer has the corner on the medical market. I'd say do whatever is most feasible for you, here or abroad.

  2. Yay! I just had a reduction a little over four weeks ago. My back feels amazing! Insurance covered it without a fight. My girls are so damn cute, I can't stop checking them out! Think about the cute clothes you be able to wear when you don't have to accommodate big boobs. Cute bras that don't hurt or cost a fortune.

  3. Check out for some great info. Email me if you want the name of my surgeon. :-)